“I have worked with the Clarks Group since 2001. Our company also used the services of the Clarks Group for a number of years before I came to the Human Resources Department. The service I have received has been extraordinary, and I have found Camilla, Piers, Stephanie and the entire team to be the most reliable and accommodating Staffing & Recruiting Service with whom I have worked in the past seven years. I have recruited executive search and direct hire through Clarks as well as contract, temporary analytical, administrative/clerical roles. There are a number of reasons that I find working with Clarks so helpful. Unlike the many services which want to spend a lot of time on” business development ” with prizes, gifts and drop in visits, Clarks provides a very pleasant professional and business-like communication whether it be via e-mail or telephone. I get all the help and information I need without taking time from my fulltime recruiting responsibilities. I also recommend the Clarks Group as a local small business, which truly knows the community, and its businesses.”
(Banking Institution)