“I have worked with Camilla Clark (The Clarks Group) for at least eighteen years. The Clarks Group has demonstrated to me many times their proven methodology for effective and competitive recruiting as well as placements. Their network is extensive, the screening process is meticulous and the fees are competitive. Identifying a quality staffing and recruitment firm can be confusing. When you hire a professional recruiting/staffing agency, you are relying on an “outsider” to recommend your company’s most important asset, its employees. So your time invested in the selection process is well worth it to develop a long lasting staffing partnership that will save your company time and money. I found this staffing partnership with The Clarks Group. By partnering with The Clarks Group, it created the opportunity for me to sample the quality of an individual’s work (temp to permanent) before committing to a permanent job offer. Whether you are hiring permanent or temporary employees, I believe you will discover, as I did, that The Clarks Group would far exceed your expectations. Since you will be relying on the knowledge and diligence of a professional recruiter, you will find that The Clarks Group will consistently represent your company professionally and in the best light.”