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The Clarks Group has been setting the example in recruiting and staffing for
more than 25 years.


“Over the past year, our company has re-located our entire organizations from AZ and VA to the triad, and The Clarks Group was instrumental in helping us fill in key positions for people who were unable to re-locate. They took the time to get to know our organization and the type of individuals that would be the best fit, and we are grateful for their assistance. It has been a pleasure working with Camilla and the entire team.”
(Durable Goods)

“I’ve known the staff at The Clarks Group for many years. When you’re a small business, you can’t afford to wait around for action. I can pick up the phone and make a request and it’ll be taken care of right away. I like the fact that they take the time to ask questions and listen to you so they can place qualified people to meet your needs. All their staff seems very enthusiastic about helping us and seems to appreciate our business. There’s a very personal touch, and I like that.”

“I have worked with Camilla Clark (The Clarks Group) for at least eighteen years. The Clarks Group has demonstrated to me many times their proven methodology for effective and competitive recruiting as well as placements. Their network is extensive, the screening process is meticulous and the fees are competitive. Identifying a quality staffing and recruitment firm can be confusing. When you hire a professional recruiting/staffing agency, you are relying on an “outsider” to recommend your company’s most important asset, its employees. So your time invested in the selection process is well worth it to develop a long lasting staffing partnership that will save your company time and money. I found this staffing partnership with The Clarks Group. By partnering with The Clarks Group, it created the opportunity for me to sample the quality of an individual’s work (temp to permanent) before committing to a permanent job offer. Whether you are hiring permanent or temporary employees, I believe you will discover, as I did, that The Clarks Group would far exceed your expectations. Since you will be relying on the knowledge and diligence of a professional recruiter, you will find that The Clarks Group will consistently represent your company professionally and in the best light.”
(Communications Company)

“Our company has utilized the staffing services of The Clarks Group for over 10 years. The firm has always met or exceeded our specifications in personnel placement, and we have full confidence that the personnel sent to assist us will be ‘job ready’ upon arrival for the assignment. A number of the interim employees have been offered regular positions with our company and we have had great success with these placements.”

“I am very pleased to recommend The Clarks Group as a service provider to you. I have utilized their services for a number of years. The employees they have provided are quality candidates that are eager to work, many of which we hired directly into corporate family. I worked directly with the Clarks staff. They are passionate about their work and it shows daily in their performance. They are bright, energetic and customer service oriented. They follow up consistently and always delivered with strong ability of execution and delivery. The Clarks Group is a resourceful group of people that are dedicated to making the difference. I would highly recommend this company.”
(Apparel Company Headquarters)

“On behalf of our firm, I am happy to provide any prospective client for The Clarks Group with a reference for their services. The Clarks Group has a long history with our company in our Winston-Salem facility going back 10 years. During that period, we have tested the limits of their ability to provide the right candidates at the right time and they have consistently delivered. The nature of our business requires a wide variety of skills and experience, such as Engineers, Financial Analysts and Accountants, as well as clerical and administrative skills. The Clarks Group staff is always ready to provide us with candidates, even when we provide them with 1 day’s notice! The staff at Clarks is also a part of the formula that separates them from their competitors. They are dedicated to doing the right thing-every time. They are flexible, dependable and client focused. We couldn’t ask for a better business partner for our temporary and management recruiting needs! As a recruiter, and Human Resources professional, I am proud to be able to attest to the strong relationship we’ve come to depend upon for any of our staffing needs.”
(Aerospace Industry)


I cannot be glowing and positive enough in my review of The Clarks Group. They were, above all, helpful and kind. They were also extremely professional, quick to return correspondence, and definitely had my best interests at heart. I found a direct placement through them almost immediately upon submitting my resume. And it is for a job that I adore. I do understand that I may have been a little lucky in the speed at which I was placed, but even for those seeking contract work, or who may have to wait before an appropriate positions opens up, The Clarks group is absolutely fantastic to work with. – Jenny H. 

I am new to North Carlolina; I am also searching for work. I found The Clarks Group online, submitted my resume` and rather quickly, was called for an interview!
I met with Casey and was very impressed with the care she showed me and the time that she took with me. Both are very important to me, especially being so new to town.. a friendly face is always welcome. This is a woman-owned business which is also important to me. I don’t have a job yet, but I did walk away with a great sense of peace surrounding this job search. I feel confident that the group here has my best interests at heart. Highly recommend!! – Mike D.

I recently relocated to Winston-Salem and searched online for executive recruitment firms based in the greater Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina with global exposure and expertise. WOW! My experience with The Clarks Group has been phenomenal. Smart, hard-working and sincere are only a few ways to describe the team here. It is refreshing … I can’t wait to go to work every day! When we talk about core values and authenticity at work, The Clarks Group really “gets it”. Trust, credibility, openness, and accountability are at the core of the team and this translates into specific actions for our clients, candidates and the community. – Stephanie R.

I moved to the Triad just after the election and went to at least a dozen staffing agencies. Most were pretty relaxed in getting back to me and just before Thanksgiving 3 agencies told me to enjoy the Holiday and get back to my search on Monday. When you don’t have a job, that’s not what you want to hear. I found the Clark’s Group online and called. They told me I could come in that day and do the typical tests and interviewing.  They said she had a potential interview and would call me the next day. When they called they asked if I could interview that day. The following Monday I had a job. The Clark’s Group literally got me a job in less than 24 hours, and at my expected pay rate. They don’t mess around, and they always try to keep in touch every 2 weeks or so just to make sure that the job is going well and to answer any questions I might have. – Adam R.

Working with The Clark’s Group has been a great experience. They understood that my ultimate goal was securing full time permanent employment and sent me to a company where I believe that was a real possibility. I was offered a role at another company I interviewed for. Again, the staff at Clark’s worked to find a replacement to meet my schedule. They understood my goal and helped me reach it. If I ever find myself needing assistance again, I will definitely call them again!  – Amy M.

I was currently seeking employment and found The Clarks Group. When I submitted my resume for a position I saw within a hour a representative contacted me for an interview! The next day I went in and spoke with them they told me about a very prestigious company and felt I would be an excellent fit. Within one month they contacted me and told me that their client wanted me to start working next week! I am grateful of them speaking very well of me and giving me such a great opportunity at a great company! They also informed me of the health insurance that they provide. As I start my assignment next week I will do my best of representing this agency to the fullest! Thank you to The Clarks Group!  – Niki E.

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